Quality + Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability for All

From the air we breath to the mountains that line our horizons, the place we call home inspires us every day to the call towards sustainability. That’s why we make it our mission to put sustainability and quality at the heart of our design. We believe that through the right partnerships, approaches, and priorities, this can be achieved at any product level.

The Partners We Choose

Our dedication to sustainability through quality design starts with the company we keep. We’ve partnered with like-minded vendors who believe in the call to sustainability—from the products they source direct to the designs they draft. Our sole builder, CP Haus, is a prime example of what it means to bring eco-conscious designs to multiple levels of the market through intelligent sourcing.

The Designs We Create

From upscale townhouses to luxury homes, every property that comprises the Gran Cielo neighborhood was constructed with the call to sustainability at its core. From the insulation we use, to the windows that line the walls, to the potential for solar integration, energy efficiency is everywhere. With every home type, what you see are on-trend designs that prize clean lines, contemporary finishes, and modern aesthetics. What you get, however, is functional living that prizes a better tomorrow.