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Where contemporary design meets
classic community.

Gran Cielo is the manifestation of our dedication to create community through a common living space. While its million-dollar views, unmatched central park, and easy access to downtown Bozeman and the wild beyond make Gran Cielo an enticing location, it’s the sense of classic community that sets it apart. Whether you’re looking for your first home, a bit more space, or somewhere to settle indefinitely, Gran Cielo offers a sophisticated array of home types, sizes and styles. Unique architectural details and contemporary design draw residents in, but it’s the community’s centerpiece, a world class central park, that draws them together. At Gran Cielo you’re not just buying a house. You’re becoming part of a real community.

Experience our homes

Kul Townhomes:
\kuhl\ Swedish/Danish: Fun, Nice, Enjoyable, Amusing

Our Kul townhomes are the manifestation of our dedication to create a neighborhood that welcomes a diverse range of buyers to the community. The Kul properties present a value-focused option by minimizing the cost of land ownership, while upholding our standards of cutting-edge design and high-quality construction. These three bedroom, with either two-and-a-half baths or three-and-a-half baths units are offered in 2,000 sf duplex or triplex townhouse styles, complete with front porches, covered patios, abundant natural light, modern Scandinavian design, and bright color accents. The efficient and low maintenance Kul townhomes were designed by Studio H Design with the Bozeman buyer in mind.

Fika Narrow Homes:
\fee-kah\ Swedish: Making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat.
The Fika Narrow Homes provide turn-key condo living that live like traditional single family homes. Fika properties are three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath plans, some with an optional fourth living suite above the garage. These units are slightly over 1,700 sf and come with a detached garage that provides owners a private patio and outdoor space. The Fika Narrow Homes emphasize clean forms, with an intentional focus on window placement and natural light with exceptionally efficient floor plans. Designed locally by CP Haus, Fika homes are quintessentially modern Bozeman.

Lagom Single Family:
\lah-gome\ Swedish: Something done in just the right amount; in comfortable moderation and balance
The Lagom Single Family homes focus on value through a high emphasis on design, quality materials and energy efficiency. These homes offer a great variety of architectural styles and variations, from light touches of Midcentury to modern spins on classic Tudors. Homes plans include both single story and two-story designs, ranging from 2,000 SF to approximately 2,500 SF. The Lagom properties present excellent options for buyers interested in single family homes in the Gran Cielo community.

Glede Signature Homes:
\gla-deh\ Norwegian: To happily look forward to something
The Glede homes reside on and around the premiere lots surrounding the park. These luxury homes will be built in limited production with availability of build-to-suit options for interested clients. The Glede homes were created in conjunction with four different design firms local to the Bozeman area, providing buyers with multiple options of design and style. While architectural aspects may vary, each home has been crafted with an emphasis on streamlined, modern design, quality construction, and energy efficiency. Glede homes represent the most state-of-the-art option in Gran Cielo with their premium lots and luxury detailing.