Our Park is the Heart of the Community

The principles that create a true neighborhood culture can be found at the heart of Gran Cielo in the form of its world-class central park. The recreational area sets the new standard for community spaces in Bozeman and beyond. Located in the center of the community, the park draws neighbors young and old together. Residents can enjoy an afternoon of rock climbing, relaxing by a fountain, playing ping pong, swinging their children on the playground, flying kites, and even winter sledding. The amenities for all are surrounded by meandering paths, an ornamental look out bridge, and varying terrain that add magic and charm to your outdoor neighborhood experience.
Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Golden Hour-0227Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Golden Hour-0227
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Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Golden Hour-0230Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Golden Hour-0230
Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Morning-0636Saul Creative-Gran Cielo-Morning-0636
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  • Modern playground featuring European Kompan equipment
  • Youth cycling pump track
  • Rock climbing & bouldering area
  • Permanent Ping pong and Corn hole
  • Gathering pavilion with picnic tables
  • Large grass areas for field games and a sloped area for winter sledding
  • Walking paths throughout leading to an overlook bridge with natural stone walls